Who Are Locksmiths of Manchester?

Locksmiths of Manchester are one of the cheapest locksmiths in Manchester. Providing a full quotation over the phone, and a fully insured and guaranteed service. Response times anywhere from 15 minutes. We have been known to get there sooner than that!

Locksmiths of Manchester have nearly 15 years experience in the locksmith industry and are currently one of a very few reputable locksmith companies in Manchester offering a Google 5 star service. The company has been operating throughout Manchester and Greater Manchester since 2004, and year upon year have only sought to drive prices down. Offering the best locksmith service in Manchester at the most affordable rates. All work fully insured and guaranteed. We are completely independant and not part of any national companies or call centres. A simple Mancunian locksmith!!

If you need a locksmith in Manchester, call us now. Not a call centre…a human answers! Phew…..

Changing Locks

Changing locks shouldnt be a chore. The very fact that you are needing to change your locks means that possibly something untoward has gone on and you need to rectify your security. With a simple no nonsense telephone conversation with the Locksmiths of Manchester you can rest assured that you have the best locksmith in Manchester heading to your premises.

Lock Snapping

Lock snapping is a relatively new way criminals are using to gain access to properties. Unfortunately the internet has made it too easy for criminals to find out new methods. Here at Locksmiths of Manchester we can upgrade your current cylinders to anti snap 1-3 star, with the higest of security for any door with a cylinder lock.